Mobile Conversational Solutions

Conversational mobile applications drive better user experience and better safety

Enabling hands-free/eyes-free mobile navigation

Conversational mobile applications will impact most industries, improving user experience and cementing customer/user loyalty with seamless interactions.

Better, safer, more productive and efficient mobile navigation.

Our technology frameworks create genuine human connections with mobile applications and your business

Conversational mobile applications are favorable to users as they are easily accessible, highly convenient and in many settings safer to interact with. They offer flexibility for users to execute application functionalities when it’s not recommended to touch and/or look at applications, while at the same time, improve user experience and strengthen user loyalty with seamless interactions.

Today, there are thousands of mobile applications that span multitude of industries. While these applications increase in number and in functionality, most require users to use their hands and eyes in order to interact and connect with them. Interactive speech dialogs are ideally suited to transform most of these applications to become conversational and intelligent; A user speaks to an application, and the application responds back using speech, all without requiring the use of fingers, and even without needing to look a the application.

Our conversational frameworks present a plethora of opportunities that make mobile applications truly conversational, easier and safer to use.

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