Mobile Conversational Solutions

It's all about the design of the conversational interaction. We are the mobile "IVR Creations" experts.

Our talented UX Designers create diverse interactions for mobile multimodal interfaces

Today, users have very high expectations when communicating with speech-powered applications. They expect to be understood and responded to quickly and accurately.

To that end, understanding how people communicate naturally using their voices and specializing in the design of interactive voice dialogs are the core of our expertise in creating conversational interface that drive multimodal user experience.

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We offer design services for mobile conversational interfaces that ensure the success, intuitive and ease of use of your mobile application

Conversational flow designs

  • Simple and detailed Visio conversational flowcharts.
  • Data tables in Word that correspond to each conversational flowchart module.
  • Full documentation of detailed behaviour of every prompt and dialog module.
  • Detailed description of all business rules associated with every flowchart module.

Behavior specification of dialogs and interactions

  • Application of speech and silence timeouts to directed dialog and natural language recognition.
  • Specification of barge-in rules for prompts and dialogs.
  • Definition of voice activity detector parameters for best experience.
  • Definition of ASR grammars and tasks.
  • Configuration of complete conversational tasks with multi-prompts, dialogs and business rules.

Mobile multimodal design and integration

  • Specification of dynamic integration points between conversational and touch interfaces.
  • Design of dynamic context switching driven by the user and the mobile application.
  • Detection of environmental and physical user behaviour to alter application function.
  • Logging of multimodal events used to show application behavior and performance.

Conversational interfaces that keep the interaction simple

Confirmation messaging that strengthen the interactions

Non-intrusive and strong error strategies

Security, security, security